ACM SIGGRAPH Asia 2019 (SA ’19)


ACM SIGGRAPH Asia 2019 (SA ’19)

2019年11月19日 Hot Publication 0

We had presented, our works of a system that only reached sound information to people who need it, like people watching a screen, in ACM SIGGRAPH Asia 2019, Brisbane. This system will improve space comfortability while maintaining advertising effect.
This is a collaboration work with Future Merchant Design Lab through a collaboration research project with Rakuten Institute of Technology.


N. Kuratomo, K. Yamada, S. Masuko, T. Yamanaka and K. Zempo:
Effect of Attention Adaptive Personal Audio Deliverable System on Digital Signage
In Proceedings of ACM SIGGRAPH Asia 2019 (SA ’19) Technical Briefs, November 17-20, 2019.